December 31, 2011 {Woodley Park}

Woodley Place may be one of the best neighborhoods to live in DC. The tree-lined street is nestled up against Rock Creek Park and the National Zoo. Residents enjoy historic row houses with landscaped front yards and porches running the width of the house. As I walked down the street on an unseasonably warm New Year's Eve, the squirrels were chasing each other, birds were chirping, and neighbors were jogging and walking their dogs. Not only are the residents blessed with nature, but they are a block away from the shops and restaurants on Connecticut Avenue.

What I love most about the neighborhood is that the houses look lived in. Paint is chipping, bikes and toys are strewn about, and the landscaping looks a bit wild. This somewhat chaotic look gives you a sense that people really use and appreciate their homes and yards. Sometimes I walk through other neighborhoods in DC (like Cleveland Park or Georgetown) and wonder where all the people are. The houses are pretty and well-maintained but their perfection feels sterile. If I had one of those enormous porches, I would be sitting out there all the time...

Happy New Years!


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