January 15, 2012 {Thrifting}

Happy 2012! Yes, I know I'm a little late, but it's been a busy few weeks. I'm excited for the new year and all the fun things in store. And what better way to kick off the new year than to gallivant through salvage yards, consignment shops, and antique stores! My friend Laura and I spent this surprisingly cold (it's January, I really shouldn't be surprised) Sunday afternoon picking through everything from medicine and milk bottles to doors and window frames. Some of the most interesting finds were antique sewing machines, a jukebox, a phone booth, and a scale that tells you not only your weight but your fortune! (Quite a scary combination if you ask me.)

We first checked out Community Forklift, a salvage yard in Edmonston, Maryland, then headed back into the city to 14th street where we visited Miss Pixies, Hunted House, and Good Wood. The ever-popular Miss Pixies has an amazing selection of furniture, most used and some we decided was probably made by local artisans.

The concept behind Hunted House is very unique. The store is located in a historic rowhouse and all the furniture is displayed in rooms as if people are living there. Surrounded by Eames-style bucket chairs, teak coffee tables, leather couches, and old clock radios, customers feel like they should be sipping a Manhattan with Don Draper.

As Laura pointed out, Good Wood feels like a place frequented by very important men...those who have many leather-bound books and whose apartments smell of rich mahogany. Antique lovers and Ron Burgundy admirers alike would get a kick out of Good Wood.


P.S. The pink appliances above are actually miniature. They were so cute! Oh if only they were real. On the left is a picture of multi-colored toilet covers at Community Forklift...just in case you're ever in the market.


laura said...

Love the post! Rob pointed out to me that meat still comes in tin, just not usually a pail sized tin container...

PS - you should check out my neighborhood for a post :)

Melissa said...

Thanks! I got some good material from you :) Yes, I guess meat can come in tin...but the idea of a huge bucket of it...ick! I will definitely do a post on your neighborhood. Maybe you can be my tour guide!

Joshua and Ashley said...

Fun. My husband and I have found so many great things thrifting